Subsonic and licensing



Subsonic is a reasonably neat “personal cloud” sort of thing for playing music. In many ways, it replicates the Owncloud Music application. I’m a fan of that too, but switched to Subsonic once it became clear that upgrading OC would always be a trial. Unfortunately, although Subsonic is open-source, it includes a bunch of money-making “premium” stuff backed by a licensing scheme. This includes nagware, etc.

With an open-source project, you can just fork it and release a version with all that crap removed, of course, and that’s precisely what @EugeneKay has done.

Do not trust HTTP or DNS

As the patch notes, the licensing scheme is fairly hilariously simple: the license “key” is just the md5sum of the email address; a remote HTTP server is looked up over DNS and queried to see if that license is on a central DB and, if it is, whether it has expired.

So in /etc/hosts:

In /etc/nginx/sites-enabled/

server {
        listen 80;
        listen [::]:80;

        location /backend/validateLicense.view {
                return 200 "true\n2068585481000\n";

        location / {

(I’ve not actually tested the proxy_pass but I imagine it’ll work).

Then in the Subsonic licensing box:

Key:   b48def645758b95537d4424c84d1a9ff

So, no need to maintain a separate fork after all. Beautiful.