New Blogging Platform


Alive again

So, back to blogging. I’ve tried to run a blog since the dawn of time, more or less, and it’s always been a bit of a failure, partly for lack of anything interesting to write about, and partly because blogging software is uniformly awful. Typo, Wordpress, Zotonic, various home-grown bits and pieces… always a hassle to install, maintain and publish to.

The latest attempt is also slightly home-grown, but based on the codebase (via hints here), which is reasonably pleasant. TODO: styling. Really TODO.

The future

No point having a blog if I’m not going to put anything on it (again), of course. My old articles will be imported soon (they remind me how to do DNSSEC, so I really do need them), but I’m hoping to embark on a project that’s been sat around in my head for a little while now. Working title: The Capitalist Pig-Dog Blog. There’s also a general election coming up, which is making me want to write things, as ever. The state of housing is also still in my head. Prices make me angry, co-operative housing models make me feel better.

Watch this space. Possibly forever, but hopefully not.